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ArchitectOn Net *

* A play on words combining the ancient greek word Architecton written in latin with the word Net, nowadays meaning in most cases Network. Acknowledging how technologies like CAD & BIM has radically changed the way construcion is done, ArchitectOn Net is an Architect Engineer with a new powerful toolset at hand :
software & programming skills

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Architecture & Engineering

Architecture & Engineering

Always trying to bring the best of both worlds in my plans. Architecture ows to bring solutions and this is only achievable through the science of Engineering

3D Modeling & Rendering

3D Modeling & Rendering

With more than 10 years experience in 2D Architectural Plans & 3D Models, I am capable of handling even the most challenging geometry, using different BIM & CAD environments

UI/UX design

Web & UI/UX Design

I like discovering and applying new design principles for User Interfaces and Web Pages. As a return, I watch people enjoying their work with a boost in productivity and sales

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About Me

Ioannis Gidaris

Hi! My name is Ioannis Gidaris and I am an Architect Engineer from Thessaloniki, Greece. While I was still studying Architecture I was also drawn from the lessons in Computer Engineering provided from the university. Nowadays, I design and program at the same time handling 'real-world' and 'digital-world' projects. Following the 3 Ds =>








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BIM/CAD Software


Programming Languages


Prize-Winning Apps

Education & Experience

2005 - 2012

Dimploma in Architecture & Engineering (MSc)

Aristoteles University Thessaloniki, Greece

2011 - 2012

Web & App Desing Seminars

Aristoteles University Thessaloniki & Microsoft Hellas, Greece


Beton & Safety in construction

Technical Chamber of Greece

2019 - 2020

Fire Protection Engineering & Simulation

Job Seminars, Germany

2009 - 2014

Teaching CAD & BIM Drawing

PKDN & IIEK Ksyni, Thessaloniki, Greece

2014 - 2015

Practice by EU: Europass App

CEDEFOP: Europass Team, Thessaloniki, Greece

2014 - 2019

Architect Engineer

Freelancing as ArchitectOn Net, Greece & Germany

2019 - 2020

Fire Protection Engineering

SAP & BBF, Germany

2021 - Today

Architect Engineer

ISS Pluralis, Mannheim, Germany

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Experts in VET Systems and ICT, Web technology

loannis was very committed and become quickly integrated into the team. He provided inspiring ideas for the various tasks he was allocated and carried out his work with professionalism, demonstrating a genuine competence related to web and graphics design. Good luck! 👍


Randstad, Germany

Senior Account Specialist

Our client - GRF Germany, Fire Protection, SAP - enjoyed working with Ioannis very much! He showed good knowledge of the subject, willingness and thus earned quickly our trust. 🔥

Via Egnatia Thessaloniki

Via Egnatia, Greece

Jewellery & Collectibles Eshop

Working with Ioannis, since the economical crisis started, we saw our business growing instead of going down like our competitors. Six years later -in the middle of the Corona crisis- our business is flowrishing more than ever! Big thanks to ArchitectOn Net ! An absolute game changer

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