How does it work? The architecture behind the platform

The platform is designed with the latest web app technology, offering new opportunities for presentation and collaboration between the client and the engineer. The application provides a pleasant and unobstructed operation during use. Below are just a few of the benefits you will find exclusively on our architectural platform:

Members Area

Members area is organised in Tabs, which among other include:

  • Dashboard: to check all your projects and files
  • Projects: to overview all your projects with their descriptions and corresponding tasks 
  • Files: to overview all your files and documents that accompany your projects
  • My account: to edit your personal info
Interactive Images & Plans
Interactive 3D Models
Pinterest Ideas Board

How can I become a member: How do I benefit?

You automatically become a member with every job assignment in our office. In our effort to spend less paper -if possible none at all – and to provide advanced and professional services to our customers, we provide this service for free. The benefits to our customers and partners are many – communication, shipping and printing costs – and the process is simple and above all transparent:

  • Register

    Fill out the registration card and sign the necessary documents. With the information we give you you can now visit our member area from anywhere with a smart device

  • Contact

    Within our platform there is the possibility of unlimited and consistent communication, using the multimedia provided by current technology (Photo - Video)

  • File sharing

    You can easily and securely upload files from your mobile or cloud, and save on unnecessary traffic and shipping

  • Project Steps

    We divide each of our projects into safe and easy steps to make the process more understandable to the client

  • Project Completion

    Every project comes to an end with consistent time and cost estimates. You can find the project calendar in your personal area within the platform